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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ISP War in pakistan. Vs

This is 2nd time we faced such kind of problem between Cyber & Maxcom.

1 year back we were using DSL service form Cyber and they are well service providers but at the point of cost it was counting in expensive so we made choice of Maxcom when we were using Cyber at least we get troubleshot in a month but due to quick answer it get solve with in  small time period. but we found Maxcom cheap and problem were reduced much then Cyber. maybe it depend on area were are you getting service. any way lets come to point as we are old Cyber user so we continue out email address as Maxcom is not providing emailing service but outgoing server. Now war start its almost 6month back we get problem regarding emails are not delivering to our principles when we contacted to Maxcom they referred us to Cyber as email receiver is Cyber Server. But when we contacted to Cyber they kick us to Maxcom as per them Maxcom server is not sending here. so this back and forth take a long. and we were surfer so we started to analyze by himself. that what exactly the problem is so we started testing email like
from cyberpop to cyberpop
from cyberweb to cyberpop
from gmail to cyberpop
from cyberpop to gmail
and so on. remember is cyberpop sender is Maxcom and receiver is Cyber.
after compiling this we found that only cyberpop (Maxcom) sending didn't received to Cyber.
other domains are receiving emails. so finally we explained real problem to both of them and the comment we got is
Maxcom: Cyber is blocking our emails.
Cyber: Maxcom is blocking our emails.
but it was not our problem that who is blocking who. we are paying and we need solution so it your internal problem which have to be solve. finally we got solution after 2 days.
this was 6month back story. now we again facing same problem and looking forward to them according to Maxcom this time problem is different i don't know how is it different as we cannot see any difference.  

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pakistan is underattack

Manawan police centre death toll reaches 26 as operation continues:

it was very bed news. one i hear again pakistan got same attack which had before Sri-Lankan cricket team. till now almost 27 persons are killed and only one terriest arrested. so sade this heppening again and again in pakistan but people of pakistan getting no solution of it.
 Security issue are incresing day by day and hope.....
lets prey we get peace.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Electric Problem increased from 8 hrs to 10 hrs.

What a mess is here with electric. electric which is now major need of life in real word breath of Business. we are having problem from electric cooperations here in Karachi.

KESC which is providing electric here. Here (Karachi) if you ask to any body about KESC you will got nothing but abuse about them because they are coming in Top rank getting public abuse. Companies get problems make problems but finally they make solution but with KESC its going upside down. Even they have high paid salary employed but they are unable to give Good -- oh no no Nice hmmm no Batter lets say service even they are far behind of what normally Companies do. its feel like they are against of Pakistan industries or growth. they have no will to be a better.All Pakistan industries and public are suffering but they have nothing to worries.
People of Karachi are paying high electric bill and who work for KESC or a MNA are having dozens of A/C running in extra in house with free of charges. where MNA /Political person living is non-load shading area but Hospital where power should have are working in Candle light.

oh man power is gone for 2hrs after compliting his 30mints.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is Nestlé Pakistan Mineral Water service compromise?

    We are using this service from 2 year but my boss is having more trusted experience with Nestle. it was going very smooth our procedure of getting service from there was very simple. there delivery agent name Aamir when ever we required we just made call to him one or two days at least we get delivery. so we never need to call there Service Center: 111-123-333. last week i call as usual to aamir for delivery  and i got answer that he is on vacation. so i made call to Nestle Service Center.
1st day i got answer: (Taha) will be deliver today so i made two days mind (as being a Pakistani knows the service all over pakistan).
2nd time i got answer: (Lady) will checking why you didn't got delivery and will be deliver today.
3rd time i got answer: (Taha) we are transferring  this complain forward to investigate.
4th time i got answer: (Ali) after my yelling. please sir let me transfer your call to supervisor. and i dead on hold so i made again call and he made excuse and again transfer but surprise call transfered but supervisor (Asim) behave was harsh that like i wake him up from sleep. he promise to take an action but his way of talking was just filling formality.
5th time : this time my boss made a boss he talk and got answer same like what i was getting he was near to disconnect so i interrupt him and explain him that these promising service i m getting from same guys from last 1 week. now my boss turn for yelling on them at time was guy(ali) then supervisor (asim). he gave them number that they should make confirmation once they think they have done there work otherwise he have to complain about this to upper management.
    You know giving response always positive as per term of service center its ok. but at time you are fail to comet finally those service terms answer transfer from positive to negative because daily you get same answer but no result its make you upset.

so the thing is Nestle Pakistan which are providing no doubt good quality product. its true that they are more expensive then others but its acceptable due to stand on right quality and even every body know increasing of prices  now a days but if they compromise there service will they leads?