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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ISP War in pakistan. Vs

This is 2nd time we faced such kind of problem between Cyber & Maxcom.

1 year back we were using DSL service form Cyber and they are well service providers but at the point of cost it was counting in expensive so we made choice of Maxcom when we were using Cyber at least we get troubleshot in a month but due to quick answer it get solve with in  small time period. but we found Maxcom cheap and problem were reduced much then Cyber. maybe it depend on area were are you getting service. any way lets come to point as we are old Cyber user so we continue out email address as Maxcom is not providing emailing service but outgoing server. Now war start its almost 6month back we get problem regarding emails are not delivering to our principles when we contacted to Maxcom they referred us to Cyber as email receiver is Cyber Server. But when we contacted to Cyber they kick us to Maxcom as per them Maxcom server is not sending here. so this back and forth take a long. and we were surfer so we started to analyze by himself. that what exactly the problem is so we started testing email like
from cyberpop to cyberpop
from cyberweb to cyberpop
from gmail to cyberpop
from cyberpop to gmail
and so on. remember is cyberpop sender is Maxcom and receiver is Cyber.
after compiling this we found that only cyberpop (Maxcom) sending didn't received to Cyber.
other domains are receiving emails. so finally we explained real problem to both of them and the comment we got is
Maxcom: Cyber is blocking our emails.
Cyber: Maxcom is blocking our emails.
but it was not our problem that who is blocking who. we are paying and we need solution so it your internal problem which have to be solve. finally we got solution after 2 days.
this was 6month back story. now we again facing same problem and looking forward to them according to Maxcom this time problem is different i don't know how is it different as we cannot see any difference.