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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Electric Problem increased from 8 hrs to 10 hrs.

What a mess is here with electric. electric which is now major need of life in real word breath of Business. we are having problem from electric cooperations here in Karachi.

KESC which is providing electric here. Here (Karachi) if you ask to any body about KESC you will got nothing but abuse about them because they are coming in Top rank getting public abuse. Companies get problems make problems but finally they make solution but with KESC its going upside down. Even they have high paid salary employed but they are unable to give Good -- oh no no Nice hmmm no Batter lets say service even they are far behind of what normally Companies do. its feel like they are against of Pakistan industries or growth. they have no will to be a better.All Pakistan industries and public are suffering but they have nothing to worries.
People of Karachi are paying high electric bill and who work for KESC or a MNA are having dozens of A/C running in extra in house with free of charges. where MNA /Political person living is non-load shading area but Hospital where power should have are working in Candle light.

oh man power is gone for 2hrs after compliting his 30mints.