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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is Nestlé Pakistan Mineral Water service compromise?

    We are using this service from 2 year but my boss is having more trusted experience with Nestle. it was going very smooth our procedure of getting service from there was very simple. there delivery agent name Aamir when ever we required we just made call to him one or two days at least we get delivery. so we never need to call there Service Center: 111-123-333. last week i call as usual to aamir for delivery  and i got answer that he is on vacation. so i made call to Nestle Service Center.
1st day i got answer: (Taha) will be deliver today so i made two days mind (as being a Pakistani knows the service all over pakistan).
2nd time i got answer: (Lady) will checking why you didn't got delivery and will be deliver today.
3rd time i got answer: (Taha) we are transferring  this complain forward to investigate.
4th time i got answer: (Ali) after my yelling. please sir let me transfer your call to supervisor. and i dead on hold so i made again call and he made excuse and again transfer but surprise call transfered but supervisor (Asim) behave was harsh that like i wake him up from sleep. he promise to take an action but his way of talking was just filling formality.
5th time : this time my boss made a boss he talk and got answer same like what i was getting he was near to disconnect so i interrupt him and explain him that these promising service i m getting from same guys from last 1 week. now my boss turn for yelling on them at time was guy(ali) then supervisor (asim). he gave them number that they should make confirmation once they think they have done there work otherwise he have to complain about this to upper management.
    You know giving response always positive as per term of service center its ok. but at time you are fail to comet finally those service terms answer transfer from positive to negative because daily you get same answer but no result its make you upset.

so the thing is Nestle Pakistan which are providing no doubt good quality product. its true that they are more expensive then others but its acceptable due to stand on right quality and even every body know increasing of prices  now a days but if they compromise there service will they leads?