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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PTCL given five weeks to improve services

     As i mentioned before about services of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). now Finlay Supreme Court has taken action against of this and given them 5 week to improve there services structure. as its all in Pakistan that the service given by PTCL is very poor which really word you can say its expensive even if you get it free. because you get more Headache/tension/problem with no solution. 
let see what will happen as PTCL Nasarullah told the court that the PTCL needed four weeks to improve its services. However, the bench gave five weeks to PTCL to remove all difficulties, saying after the period no excuse would be accepted in this regard.

Militants forced to take extreme measure: Gilani

Militants forced to take extreme measure: Gilani

     Statment came from PM that militants by challenging the writ of state forced government to take extreme measure and they didn’t left any choice except military action. as i don't see they made any other choise but military action its not mean i am in favor of those terirest but its true that i didn't seen any other progress from Gov. they just do and then they tell us it was last option.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New National Judicial Policy Announced

Today National Judicial Policy has annouce new policy if realy they work on it people will not ask for adil. its seems that judies are awearing that what excetly pakistani people is need. look at these figers.

Cases Registered and need to be solve.
NWFP : 187000
Balochistan: 7654
Sindh: 144924

in this even NWFP is not larger then sindh but having lot of case to solve. so you can imagen why they are asking for adil.