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Monday, September 26, 2011

PM Gilani convenes APC on September 29

Does this convenes APC make any difference? Sitting/Talking/Finishing thats what they do. They never been serious about country or these poor peoples. They are just passing time filling accounts with $$$. Leader of country like Gilani / Zardari there is no way things will goes in favor of Pakistani people.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority)IS Mess addition
in Pakistan government organization.

Get any work from NADRA is big headache like other department in
Pakistan (Police, Law, Hospital etc) large organization like this even
its under government or private in both way they never work properly due
to high corruption.
My bad luck i have to renewal my NIC and had chance to go NADRA.
i have appeared for CNIC renewal on 11-April-2011 11:10 AM.
i had given token after completing all steps i had given instruction to
contact Islamabad on 05111786100 after 25 days for updates of your NIC.
After 25 days i contacted to NADRA 05111786100 and i inform against my
Form No (KC00679217) that there is some problem with gender. they ask me
to contact NADRA BRANCH to re update the data. so i did accordingly and
they updated my data on 06-May-2011.
After 2 days when i contacted to NADRA 05111786100 again then there was
no record again my Form No (KC00679217). they tell me to go again there
and ask for re-update. so i did it again no result. from door to door
and window to window they finaly send me to incharge name Nizam (may be
i don't remember his son of bbbtch name correctly ) he told me that his
internet is not working ( i don't know then the f@$% he was doing
there). he said they will update the info.
After 1 week when i contacted to NADRA 05111786100 again but there is
no change Islamabad told me to go BRANCH and take batch no from them so
we can investigate i visited again (once again meeting with that son of
bbtch was not easy after so much i finaly reach that goddemand once
again same answer but i got batch no.)
After given batch no. there is no change my issue is still and both side
have no clue what is solution Islamabad given Number (021-34387458)
where i can complain.on 20-May-2011 i try but there is no answer on this
number except recording of 'wait for the operator'.

one after one things are worse in Pakistan even. hope still hide.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WHAT A NATION! (Pakistan)

Received a sms from ??? sharing with you guys.

Living Feature about Pakistan.

  • Where Pizza home delivery is faster than ambulance and police services.
  • Where you can get car loan @18% and Education loan @40%.
  • Where rice is Rs 90/= per kg but mobile sim card is almost free.
  • Where shoes are sold in A/C showrooms but vegetables, are sold at footpath.
  • Where lemon juices with artificial flavors and dish wash soap with real lemon.
  • Where leading  Class having fake degree while Educated are jobless.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Earning With Hiring Employees

Its been long time i didn't shared any thing with my HOPE IN PAKISTAN.
Now a days there is lot of way to earn money even if you have a vacancy and you think you don't have budged to pay then don't worry lets take this example to resolve your problem. in this example you will learn to hiring some one with his at least one year salary which you don't need to pay him with your pocket employer will give you this by him self.
check out this Advertise which is from DOW UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES
In this ad the best part is (Every application must carry a pay order* of Rs.1500/- (non refundable) in favor of registrar Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi)

Now Lets Calculate:
Candidates applied = 1000 (minimum)
Per Candidate must Pay = 1500 (non-refundable)
Total Amount Collected = 1000 * 1500 = Rs. 1,500,000.00

With this much amount you don't need to pay salaries to those hire employees from your pocket.

Let Me Know what you think.

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