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Friday, April 17, 2009

PTCL is now the leader in consumer broadband in Pakistan,

PTCL is now the leader in consumer broadband in Pakistan, leading the country into 21st century. Not mine its PTCL joke.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).
   PTCL is Providing Telecommunication service (u can say worse) in all over Pakistan. now they are widening there services day by day. but even they are unable to give basic telephone service. If your phone line is dead and you made complain to there on 18 (now 1218). You will get feed back maybe soonest 1 week and if you need urgent (which is at least 24hours) you have to pay line man in terms of (kharcha pani). then maybe your phone will be online other wise you should panic.
 It was joke when one of Lineman told me that ptcl broad band workers unable to work without us. They ask every thing from us and he said why PTCL don't give us that pay so we can work more better. why it is job you can imagen the guy who is not good in his own work and giving assistant to them (Broad Band workers).
 The real thing is if you want some one to pain just give him advise take PTCL DSL Service tell him its cheap. and soon he will be known that PTCL DSL is realy cheap.